Massachusetts Becomes the 16th State to Ban Conversion Therapy

Proposed Bill To Mandate Female Directors On Corporate Boards

diversity and inclusion

Higher Education Institutions Join Fortune 500 Companies in Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

First Amendment, American flag, hate speech, government

This Week in Worcester publishes “Understanding How the First Amendment Treats ‘Hate Speech’”

Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Decision Lends Further Confusion to Title VII Protections

Wal-Mart Settles Class Action That Alleged Denial of Same-Sex Spousal Benefits Violated Title VII

LGBT rights

Boston And Worcester Receive Perfect Scores On LGBTQ Equality

HRMA Perspectives publishes “The Massachusetts Equal Pay Act: What it Means for Employers”

Mississippi Judge Invalidates A Portion Of The “Religious Freedom” Law

sexual orientation

The State Of LGBTQ Rights: A Year In Review Since Obergefell v. Hodges

Kim Davis Requests Dismissal Of Her Appeal – But Not Because She Changed Her Mind

Even In The Wake Of The Orlando Tragedy, Gay Men Are Prohibited From Giving Blood

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