Category: Discrimination

Equal Pay Act

The Pay Equity Battle Rages On for U.S. Soccer

“As a Concept, Pay Equity Seems Simple in Its Application…”

“Heading” to Court: The Battle for Equality in U.S. Soccer

Proposed Bill To Mandate Female Directors On Corporate Boards

Beyond the Advancement Decision Itself: When Lack of Opportunities and Resources May Constitute Sex Discrimination


Trump Administration Changes Visa Policy for Same-Sex Couples

Transgender Rights Up For Vote in Massachusetts

diversity and inclusion

Higher Education Institutions Join Fortune 500 Companies in Diversity and Inclusion Pledge

Department of Education Tosses Obama-Era Affirmative-Action Guidance in the Garbage

Canada Day Brings Equal P’Eh? Protections for Women

A Nationwide Standstill: Extending the Definition of Sex Discrimination to Include Gender Identity

Transgender Men and Women in the U.S. Military: The Effect of the Presidential Memorandum

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