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Blind Hiring: An Experiment in Craft Beer Inclusion

women's leadership

The Commonwealth Institute Releases Findings from Bowditch-Sponsored 2019 Women’s Leadership Development in Massachusetts Impact Study

Equal Pay Act

The Pay Equity Battle Rages On for U.S. Soccer

“As a Concept, Pay Equity Seems Simple in Its Application…”

AiVi Nguyen’s Message to Community College Grads: Own Your Story

“Heading” to Court: The Battle for Equality in U.S. Soccer

women's leadership

Bowditch Sponsors Second Annual Statewide Study on Women’s Leadership in Massachusetts

Proposed Bill to Mandate Female Directors on Corporate Boards

Canada Day Brings Equal P’Eh? Protections for Women

women's leadership

Bowditch Sponsors First Statewide Study on Women’s Leadership in Massachusetts

Worcester Business Journal Quotes Tim Van Dyck in “Boardroom Gap: Financial & Cultural Pressures Creating More Gender Diversity”

AiVi Nguyen

Press Release: AiVi Nguyen Elected Chair of United Way Board of Directors

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